About "Mar de Bran" Farm

”Măr de Bran” farm encourages the simplicity of centuries’ worth of tradition and its authentic flavours.

”Măr de Bran” is a new and ‘fresh’ project, as is our natural juice made only from freshly squeezed apple pulp. Each and every crowned bottle is the result of a painstaking processing of our ripened apples. Every year, they hinder the branches of our trees that shadow Bran’s hills. These orchards lie between the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului mountains, a place of customs and traditions. Everything here is as nature intended: the apples redden only at the touch of the rain and sun.

”Măr de Bran” is a small but all-encompassing business, the result of a life-long friendship. It represents a rare opportunity to offer you a completely unique product of its kind, with no preservatives or added substances: ”Măr de Bran” apple juice.